How to parse XML using XPATH and PHP

Okay, I’m back in the saddle for an easy tutorial about parsing XML using XPATH and PHP. Say what?  Ah, let me say it in again using english. :)

In our first tutorial, we covered how to make an API call to create a CCB profile.  Nevertheless, when using CCB’s API library to make API calls, it is inevitable that you’ll encounter a need to retrieve and display data from the API’s XML response information.

In its native form, XML can be quite intimidating if you have never worked with it.  But don’t fear, because after this tutorial, you’ll have a better understanding of XML, and how to parse XML using XPATH to retrieve and display the desired data points.  Are you ready to get started?  Let’s go! Continue reading

How To Create A CCB Individual Profile

One of the first things to master when using the CCB API, whether migrating data to CCB or using 3rd party apps integrated to CCB, is learning how to create CCB profiles or individuals.

For this tutorial, be sure you have access to a text editor, and a private (local) or public web server available to execute php files.

Check the Getting Started Toolbox for more tools information pertaining to tutorials. Let’s get started Continue reading